robotizing digital flatbed cutting

robotizing digital flatbed cutting

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We develop, sell, and support automated material handling solutions for loading, picking, stacking, sorting, and kitting tasks directly integrated with your Zünd cutter.

Experience ultimate versatility and flexibility with the portable collaborative robot solutions

Discover the convenience of our cutting-edge automated solutions designed to effortlessly manage loading, unloading, picking, stacking, and sorting tasks across various Zünd cutters and materials ranging from rigid to soft. With the Portable robots, you can embrace automation to streamline operations, minimize operator involvement, and maximize cost savings.

Robot PortaTable 130

Do you want assistance with your loading, picking, stacking, sorting, and kitting? The flexible fully integrated collaborative Robot PortaTable acts as an “assistant operator” to keep up with your digital production.

Robot PortaBase 175

Faster, with a longer reach, and able to handle larger and heavier items. The Robot PortaBase 175 is the perfect choice if your workload exceeds the capabilities of Robot PortaTable 130 but falls short of requiring an industrial robot.

Choose Industrial robots for higher speeds and heavier workloads

Experience unparalleled efficiency with the powerful ABB industrial robot, built to handle tasks ranging from seamless loading and unloading to precise picking and sorting. Harnessing remarkable speed and robust strength, this powerhouse automates heavy lifting, slashing time and manpower requirements. Boost productivity to new heights with the industrial robot at your side.

Sheet loading and unloading

Benefit from a cost-efficient two-in-one solution. You get a fully automated production – keeping up with the cutter for the fastest cycle time by loading and unloading on cutter extensions.

Sheet loading

Reduce heavy lifts by automating the loading process. The robot picks and separates rigid materials directly from pallet stacks, placing sheets for one or two cutters.


Reduce manual labor with continuous and dedicated automated production. Picking and sorting of the cut parts is handled automatically by the robot.

Safety Systems

Each customized industrial robot system will include its own safety solution. We protect operators from the robot cell using safety scanners, light barriers, and fences in best combination designed depending on actual factory and system layout.

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