Picking, sorting and kitting textiles with Robot Porta Table 130

A new textile-gripper for Robot PortaTable 130 automated picking and sorting in our digital short-run production of company T-shirts.

With our efforts to continuously grow and expand on robot applications, we turned towards textiles and porous fabrics – and we developed and designed a gripper for use with Robot PortaTable 130.

With this new mechanical pinching gripper, we are able to work with a wide range of fabrics used for sports and fashion apparel.

So, we decided to proof the concept and created a few new company T-shirts – digitally.

Our two shirt designs consisting of front, back, left, and right sleeves plus neck in two sizes (M/L) got efficiently nested and printed. And it become obvious that automated kitting and sorting was essential to avoid faulty and time-consuming manual tasks for handling and sewing of the parts.

Using the ultrafast Zünd S3 cutter with textile cradle feeder we quickly and perfectly cut each shirt component. And when further transported to the extension unload area, the Robot PortaTable automatically collected the parts and dropped them into four bins.

Saving the human resource and securing fast passing to sewing department for finishing of the products.

Sorting and kitting based on meta-data from Zünd Cut Center – easy and efficient.

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This sample has been digitally printed by Rodinia Generations, a scalable textile micro-factory in Copenhagen committed to sustainable practices throughout the production process.