• Industriprint goes to next level automation with Robot PortaTable 130

    Celebrating 50 years in the top-tier screen printing industry Industriprint is a highly experienced provider of screen printing solutions for industries. They have extensive knowledge and expertise in every aspect of this field, including selecting the right materials, choosing optimal adhesives, using the best colors, and employing [...]

  • For Åtta45, size matters when it comes to automation

    Think bigger - think automation! Åtta45 is a leading printing supplier in Sweden's graphic industry, offering comprehensive services from start to finish. In Malmö, they focus on creating wide-format display materials, while in Stockholm, they specialize in offset printing, magazines, brochures, and other graphic materials.Their automation system is [...]

  • All Creative – liberating the operator from manual labor

    All Creative’s goal was to free the operator at their Cutter, so he could work on other jobs on multiple machines simultaneously. This achievement became reality by implementing a robot-based solution to automate their operations, benefiting both the worker on the shop floor and the company’s overall [...]

  • JO Safety – automating the sorting process

    JO Safety in Lolland-Falster, Denmark, houses the fully automated cutter and robot known affectionately as "Murphy." The robot takes its name from the lead character of the science fiction film "Robocop" and plays a heroic role within the company. JO Safety produces [...]